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With Hilt every service begins with an assessment of your security posture, from there, we build security solutions that fit your business needs.

Protective Services

Security Guard Services:

Uniformed Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Access Control/Visitor Management

Parking Enforcement

Video Monitoring


Alarm Verification

IT Services

Cybersecurity Consulting


Cloud Security

Big Data Services

Cloud Hosting Services

Emergency Management

Emergency Planning

Pandemic Planning

Infectious Disease Planning

Active Shooting Planning


Emergency Response Planning

Civil Disturbance/Protest Planning

Natural Disaster Planning

Power Outage

Risk Assessment

Risk Analysis

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Crisis Communication Planning 

Exercise Design

Emergency Operation Centers

Crisis Communication

Crisis Management

Security Management

Security Procedures and Protocols

Security Audits

Hazard Assessments

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs)

Specialized Training

Active Shooter Training (Awareness, Prevention & Response)

Violent Insider Threat Awareness

Counter-Surveillance Training for Executive Protection

Crisis Communication Training

Cybersecurity Training

Travel Management

Pre-Travel and Cultural Awareness Briefings

Travel Risk Assessment

Travel Security Management

International Escorting/Deportation Services

Medical Awareness Briefings for Travelers

Threat Risk Assessment


Hilt International Security

Hilt International Security is a Boutique Firm that provides high touch services and views our relationships in the highest regard.


Our Philosophy

As part of our philosophy, we treat our clientele with a partnership mentality, as an alternative to the ‘customer-supplier’ approach. Our goal is focused on providing extraordinary customer service, through integration and teamwork.

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