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Hilt International Security will ensure, regardless of the industry you serve, that you are secure in any unpredictable environment, be it physical or digital.


As Your Business Evolves, Hilt’s Solutions Will Evolve With You.

Hilt is a Security and Emergency Management firm offering a wide range of services and solutions. The company possesses an international scope and a unique approach to the known concept of being a ‘service provider’. Hilt encourages collaboration between the best in the industry, with multilingual professionals dispersed around the world, in order to ensure that international businesses have access to all resources in one place. Essentially bringing all strands of security and emergency management into a ‘one stop shop’.


Our Experience

Hilt International Security’s philosophy is to bring together and collaborate with the best multilingual specialists and experts around the globe; this provides us the opportunity to offer your business unique and personalized services.

All of the strategic partners that work with Hilt have extensive experience within the security and emergency management industry. Our trusted partners have expertise, specifically to the aviation sector, property management, medical industry, law enforcement, and cybersecurity. Hilt has also forged close partnerships with Cloud Architects, IT specialists, and experts from the Department of Homeland Security. Hilt’s management team has integrated their collective experiences to forge a dynamic team.

Our Track Record Includes:


Improving Security Operations Effectiveness


Successfully Preparing Organizations And Teams For Emergencies


Finding Cost Effective Risk Mitigation Solutions

Hilt’s strategic partners have partaken in contracts in multiple destinations around the globe including North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Our history of experience includes high-risk security situations, such as the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, 2005 Airbus A340 plane crash, 2010 Toronto G8/G20 Summit, Hurricane Irma, COVID-19, amongst others.

As The Industry Grows And Changes, Hilt Will Evolve With You, To Guide You Through The Shifts.

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Why We Do This?

Support the Backbone

In such a fragile and intertwined world, security and emergency management is an essential service, because natural and man-made incidents occur daily. For many nations across the world, small- to medium-sized businesses are the economic backbone, and we will accommodate and serve all, through the countless set of skillsets shared in our collaborative network.

Mitigate volatility

Small to medium-sized businesses play a major role in most economies. They represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide. We are passionate about keeping the economy going, which means keeping your business going. You are the main player, and we want to protect your operational efficiency.

Worldwide Contribution


Global Employment


Impact on the Economy

The World Bank, 2020


Our Strategic Partnerships

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